Shared Mailbox Nightmare

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I recently made the switch from GSuite to O365. There are a few things that have really stuck me as quite cumbersome. One is adding shared mailboxes, to easily respond from, in Outlook web based mail. In GSuite, when a mailbox is added via the admin dashboard its automatically added to the send from options. In Outlook, it almost seems like you must write the addresses down and manually enter or search for each use. Surely this is not the actual case. Is there an easy way to make a shared mailbox easily accessible to choose when responding to clients? Thank you

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You cannot pre-populate those entries, but once you send via a given address, it will remain visible.

@Vasil MichevThank you for the clarification. I see how to do it now, it still is very cumbersome unfortunately for a business that might want employees to have multiple addresses they can respond from. From a strictly user friendly standpoint, Gmail certain wins in that category.

Hi @TGra1,


try to use RightFrom add-in for Outlook.