Shared folder sync issue


I think I might have recently discovered a limitation of Delegation.


We have granted a user 'Read and manage' and 'Send as' delegation on a users mailbox.

When the delegate drags an email into the Drafts folder of the mailbox owner, it doesn't automatically update. The only way for the mailbox owner to see the email is for the delegate to hit 'Update folder' on the Send/Receive tab in Outlook.

The same applies to the Calendar, in order to see changes the user must hit Update Folder. 


The fix seems to be unchecking 'Download shared folders' under Cached Exchange Mode Settings in the Outlook desktop client to force all shared folders to be always online. Has anyone else encountered this issue?


It's not the end of the world, but we'll have to remember to make this change in every Outlook client we set up going forward as our deployments will rely on delegation quite heavily.




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Yes - I have seen this as well. Seems to be acknowledged by Microsoft here:


Really unfortunate limitation.