Send email from different address?

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I just switched from GSuite to Office 365.

One of the reasons I used GSuite was to aggregate all of my emails. I'm in charge of monitoring 18 different addresses.

Some of them aren't real (a combination of catch all and mailbox rules sorts them into a real mailbox), some of them are aliases, and the other ones aren't even with my domain. For example, I want to be able to send email from these three different addresses:

Where I don't have DNS authority over, I only have a mailbox there. Is there a way to do this? If not I'm going to just switch back to GSuite. As much as I would love to have the features that Office 365 provides, I simply must be able to SEND email from a dozen different accounts as well as receive email, and there's no setting for adding an alias outside a domain over which I have authority.

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You would have to do it through another smtp server that allows it. Exchange online doesn’t allow you to spoof email.

Hi @SimplyPutin


 As Crhis advised you need to use another smtp server.


For example my primary email address is but I have as alias, in order to use to send emails I have to add it as POP3 or IMAP account, link for documentation below, follow Step 3



Hope this helps!

Hi @SimplyPutin,


there is no native way to send as alias in Office 365.  Google for "ChooseFrom for Exchange online" to look at possible solution.




Hi, @Pavel_lV,


unfortunately your solution just does not work if you do not run desktop/mobile Outlook but prefer to use OWA.

Hi @Victor Ivanidze 


Indeed, the "solution provided" applies to Outlook users.


Unfortunately I was not able to find a solution for OWA.



Hi @Pavel_lV,


have a look at ChooseFrom 365 service.