Save SharePoint list attachments to a Document library

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Hi all,

I've been grappling with this one for a while so wondering if anyone can explain at a conceptual level how to do this or whether it is beyond the reach of Office365.


We have users that fill out a Microsoft form. This submitted information plus any attachments are saved to a SharePoint list.


Another set of users then manage this data via a Power App where the SharePoint list is the data source. By creating screens that use the Power App form functionality they are able to view and update the selected list item values and add/delete any attachments.


Once the data is reviewed this set of users then click a button to create a report. This report creation process grabs all of the SharePoint list data and pass it across to Power Automate. The flow then uses this data to create a new PDF file and save it to a specific folder on a SharePoint document library so other staff can review and collaborate on it.


This all works great except where we have any stored attachments saved in the SharePoint list item. We want to save a copy of each attachment into the same Document Library location as the PDF report. We have tried to build a flow that will do this and all of my research says this may not be possible (yet I still have faith in O365 so hence my post!!)


Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. 




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