Restrict O365 from adding a cloud storage service from another organisations tenant

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Hi everyone,


To prevent the potential for data exfiltration through a linked but separate cloud service (see picture) Is it possible to prevent users from my organization from adding a cloud service storage (one drive from another organization

Excel - Add Service.png0365 tenant assuming they have the necessary credentials to add the service??


If this has been asked somewhere my apologies



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@Kalcite Hello Basil. Yes, it's possible to block third-party storage providers as well as B2B OneDrive sync. There are a couple of options available. See links for more information.


Use Group Policy to control OneDrive sync settings


Policy Setting to Prevent B2B Sync


B2B Sync


OwaMailboxPolicy (AdditionalStorageProvidersAvailable)

*edit* (noticed this is available from the M365 admin portal as well)


You can also block third-party in Teams.

Thanks for the response... much appreciated! .. will look into the resources provided