Reset password when Office 365 and Outlook email adress is identical

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I have a customer that need to reset her Office 365 business password. The challenge is that she has an Office 365 home subcription with the same email adess as her alternative email. 


So when we try to reset her professional email ( end choos dene code to elternative email ( Nothing arrives in her alternative email. 


I have sent an email her Home subscription to my account. And that worked. When i replied on that email, nothing showed up in her email inbox.


Any suggestions?


Could i change the Office 365 Home account to and use name@outlookcom as the email adress, when I am asked to enter the alternative email for the bussines account?


- Geir


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- Geir


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Anyone from Microsoft reading this forum?


I have a support request, but I dont know if anyone is looking into it. Th customer ha been without email since thursday almost a week. 

What shall we do? 


Her is the screenshot from the parner protal, and my inquiry.


em support 2.PNGem support.PNG


Its hard to understand how it can be 100% ignored. No responce at all.


- Geir