Reply to sender of group message, not entire group.



I've searched for this and all I can find is the opposite of what I wish to do.

At present, we have distribution groups set up in our Office 365 tenancy. When someone sends a message to a group the group address is selected and the message created and a copy of the message is sent to every member of that group.

However, when replying, the group address automatically populates the To: field. This is undesirable as sometimes a group message is used to request information, and if someone replies and does not realise the group address is being replied to, potentially sensitive information will be sent to every member of the group.

Is there a way to configure this so that the Outlook (and Outlook on the Web) reply button replies to the sender - i.e. the person whom the message was sent by, and the sender that is shown in the Inbox/folder when the message is closed? Or, if that is not possible, is there a way to configure those applications (so that Reply presents a choice between replying to the group or just to the original sender?

Thank you.

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First of all are you talking about "traditional" distribution group, or an Office 365 group? It seems to be the latter, in which case simply right-click the message in Outlook and select the Reply option. In OWA, the Reply action is not available, so you have to select Reply All, then remove the group address.

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Thanks for replying.

Yep, Office 365 distribution groups. I have, however, now seen variable behaviour. Some accounts replies place the group in the To: field, while others place the sender's address there instead.


My concern is that without a prompt which asks who the reply should be sent to someone may divulge personal/sensitive information to the entire organisation. Yes, if everyone is diligent all the time this is not an issue, but when someone has been working flat-out all day, or is tired they may forget to check which address the reply is being sent to.


Our last mail client automatically detected if several addresses were present and would present a dialog allowing you to tick which address to use when replying. Easy and reassuring. 

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There is no option to remove group address unfortunately in OWA