Remove "Skype Chat" from Delve profile


Hi All,


I had an interesting enquiry from my CIO.  When looking at his (or any other) profile in Delve, amongst the contact details is an option to "Skype chat".  Is it possible to remove it, or replace it with Teams?


One note is that if you don't have Skype installed, you may be prompted to select an app (Teams) so, the functionality is there to use Teams, but it presents as Skype.




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@RobD365 Hey Rob, same thing here. "If you set up Skype for Business Online, users can start Skype for Business Online conversations directly from Delve."


We're still in Island Mode as a org. and I'm a Teams only user. Can't say if the icon would change to Teams if we were all in Teams only though. It's probably similar to Outlook on the web where the icon is a chat icon and not a Skype icon, with my config at least. So most likely a case of waiting for it to be replaced, assuming you are a Teams only org.

Hey @ChristianBergstrom,

My personal tenancy is Teams only (never had Skype) and it's showing the Skype logo, so I think you are right, we will have to wait for Microsoft to update it across the board some time in the future.