remove O365 email encryption from sent email

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We are experimenting with the Office 365 email encryption features. We have the need to encrypt emails we send to someone and that works great, but we also have to store the sent email in an in-house CRM. I need to be able to remove the encryption from my copy of the sent item in order to attach it in my CRM and have anyone who needs to be able to see the email. I don't see a way to do that. We have a third party system now (Zix) that gives the option for the original sender (me) to save a decrypted copy for this purpose. Is there a way to do it in Office 365 encryption?



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@Don Campbell Hello Don, I understand you're using OME. As you're the sender that has set the permission you can change the permission setting on the copy in the sent items folder (in the Outlook client).