Remove account from Outlook after user license is removed

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As an admin, I am frequently setup with access to other user's accounts. Sometimes those accounts have their license removed while I am still setup as a delegate on that mailbox. When the license is removed the account no longer has a mailbox so I can't remove the delegate access in Office 365 but the account persists in Outlook long after the mailbox is gone. When I try to close or remove the mailbox in Outlook it fails saying it is tied to my account. Is there a way to remove this mailbox from my Outlook without granting the account another license or rebuilding my Outlook profile? Or is there a way to remove the delegate access from the account even though there's no mailbox?

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Remove the delegate permissions before removing the license? You can also use the -ClearAutomapping switch to just remove automapped mailboxes:

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In the admin center, go to the Billing > Licenses page.

Select the product for which you want to unassign licenses.

Select the users for which you want to unassign licenses.

Select Unassign licenses.

In the Unassign licenses box, select Unassign.