Remote Desktop for macOS still failing to correctly handle language detection...


Windows 11 is now upon us and I am now testing it for some of my forever Microsoft bugbear failures:


Bugbear 1 - Remote Desktop Language Handling - FAIL

SCENARIO: Using Remote Desktop for macOS to connect from a Mac, with Language & Region settings set to English (Australia) - English (US) is not even installed. The target Windows system, now running Windows 11, also with Language settings all set to "English (Australia)" - English (US) also removed and all English (Australia) language pack components downloaded, installed and updated. All Admin templates and system local set to "English (Australia)".


RESULT - FAILURE: When connecting as above, the session sets the default language to "English (United States)".


THEORY OF WHY THIS STILL FAILS, AFTER DECADES OF FAILURE: Microsoft are still using the keyboard layout to define the language for the remote session. As Australia uses the same keyboard layout as the US, the session is incorrectly set to "English (United States)".


SUGGESTED RESOLUTION: Use the language settings of the local system and not the keyboard layout to work out what language to use!


COMMENT: Sheesh!

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Well, the silence is deafening!

I guess, if Microsoft can't even handle reliable, basic formatting of text, across their products, how can we expect them to handle anything so complex as the correct language!?

This is the problem when a company occupies a position that it knows is pretty much unassailable.