Re-enable ADConnect after last Exchange server decomission





please advice. There is an Exchange 2016 hybrid environment, with AD Connect.

Customer wants to decomission the exchange server.

Is it supported to disable adconnect, uninstall the last exchange server, then re-enable ADconnect?


Does anybody have experience with it? Dirsync is critical, so it shoud work properly.


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Not, it's not *supported*, every configuration that involves dirsync/AAD Connect requires you to have at least one Exchange server for management purposes. That's only if you want to stay in *supported* configuration. Plenty of articles are available online that discuss this in greater detail, look them up.

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Hello Vasil,

thank you, I clearly unterstand what does mean "supported" if have on-premise Exchange and dirsync. 

If I want to remove last Exchange: dirsync must be disabled. Undestood, ok.


But after Exchange uninstall, can I set up dirsync again? or the cloud objects (user account)s cannot switch back to synced account? What are the limitations?


If you have more information about this specific situation, i'd be happy :)


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It's the same situation. The only supported method to manage Exchange-related objects and attributes is via the Exchange tools. Doesnt matter if you had Exchange previously, this applies even for cloud mailboxes as long as you are syncing the corresponding user object from on-premises.

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Thank you Vasil!