"You currently have not been assigned an Office license that includes the Office desktop apps"

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Hi.  I've signed our group up to Office for Education.

Specifically we seem to have been allocated "Office 365 A1 for faculty Trial".

When I click on "Install Office" I get:

"You currently have not been assigned an Office license that includes the Office desktop apps. Contact your admin for more information about how to get Office for your organization".

Well, I am the admin, so not sure what to do next!  I appreciate that maybe we'd have to pay for a version that allows download, but I cannot find any links as to how to do this.




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Hi, thanks for the prompt reply.

So how could I get a version that does allow downloads?

The link you sent me takes me to a log in page which, after log in, says:

"You already have a subscription through work
Your organization manages your use of x@y.onmicrosoft.com. If you want to sign up for Office 365 A1 for faculty Trial, Office 365 A1 for students Trial, sign out of your work account and create a new account that you manage on your own".


There are no links on that page leading to anywhere giving information on how to obtain whatever version it is that gives downloadable versions, even how to buy them.






This is what you should see on that page. It's the 3 license types available for education and explains what is included with each. You would need to obtain an A3 or A5 license in the admin portal and assign to yourself. 




If you have the appropriate permissions, you would log into admin.microsoft.com > Billing > Purchase Services. You'll find the license you want, add them. 






@NeilT1540  Hello Sir How can I get one drive or Full access office 365