"Word has the file open"

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Hello, good morning,


I am working with VBA, Microsoft Excel and Word.

In it, I have created a word as a template (.dotx), but the changes that I needed as I was automating I have made them in the (docx) and this last one I want to save it on the other file (overwrite), but it does not allow me, because it tells me that the file is in use, but I already verified:

1. The .dotx is not open

2. The documents I originated from that template are closed.


I also tried to save the .dotx elsewhere, delete the one I use and move the one I saved elsewhere instead, but I have the same problem, attached image.


No permite sobreescribir ni eliminar.PNG



What is going on, what do you mean by "is in use", because at least I don't see it, for sure from my ignorance. Someone could explain me maybe in a more technical way this point please to understand the issue.


And I would also appreciate how I can fix it please, I do not know what to do and I need the new template I created, thank you very much for your time and support.

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