publish Office add in to Appsource

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Hi ,


I am following instruction here to publish an office add in - 


The 1st step is to create a developer account.


However, it took me 20+ days and I still haven't been able to create a developer account. Can someone help me? thanks!


1. When I click the linkage in the instruction to create a developer account -

it asked me to sign up with a work email, 


Sign up with your work email address, for example. A personal email address(, will not associate to your company account."
That is fine, I provided the email, registered and verified this email.
I failed at "Business Verification", see attached status.png
So I followed the linkage to submit the documents to the support team. But still no luck. I want to know am I going through the correct process? Is there an easier way for developer to publish Office JavaScript add in to the AppSource?
Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
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