Provision Sharepoint Online Sites folders to Users's Onedrive folder


Dear all

In office 365 sharepoint I have 10 sites set with the group permissions for read/write access. I have documents in all of those sites and I would like the users who are part of the groups with the read/write access permissions to see the files/folders in those sites directly in their OneDrive folder.

Is this possible? If not can you please explain what is an alternative way of doing so instead of syncing it one by one.

Thank you

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No, afaik this can’t be done!
Also I don’t really see how you can make them have these offline without syncing each individual library

@adam deltinger I have made a simulation of the environment and apparently when you share the folder in the document library in any site with the group or a user, an email gets sent along with a Onedrive notification arrives to each individual's computer that a folder/site has been shared with them and once you click on that it'll launch Internet Explorer goes to the Onedrive's location and from there you'll have to click on Sync to starts syncing. 


This process is ok but it sucks if you're going to have to do it for an entire enterprise with 1000 user or more. I wonder if there's a powershell or anything to provision those folders automatically to all user's onedrive without any user's intervention.