Programmatically adding Signatures to an email

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I have used this code for several years when programmatically creating emails (ii Delphi).

On one machine Window 10/Microsoft 365 it started ti fail 1/3 weeks ago (not send the email).


MailItem: _MailItem; (from Outlook_TLB)



MailItem.HTMLBody := Body + MailItem.HTMLBody;


Error Message : Sorry, something went wrong. You may want to try again


This happens every time I create an email (not on my Windows t machine) Skipping yjis code sends the email (but no signature - which we need).


I reinstall 365 to no avail.

When I deleted the signature and ran the code it also errors (i.e. adding a null signature)


Any ideas about what has been corrupted would be appreciated.





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