Presenting a Power Bi report


I am new to using Power Bi so bear with me. What are my options for presenting a Power Bi report once I am done creating it? If I export to PowerPoint, I am missing a huge section of my report because I have a scroll bar in Power Bi that doesn't convert to PowerPoint. The same issue happens when I export it to PDF. I can't copy/paste the report as an image to Word or Excel either. I don't want to embed the report to a website.


So I have a nice looking report but now what? 

Thanks for the help.

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As you mentioned you can export to powershell as separate slides! I think maximum 25 slides I recall! There are add-ins (google) that makes you be able to link the BI report directly in PowerPoint ! It will then be a live view with navigation and so on

Thanks for the reply. It still feels rather limited. Instead of dividing the report into 2 slides, why can't I just make the report smaller so it fits into a single slide? Even without all the interactivity, I wish I could just simply copy/paste the report into any document. 

I mean there is nothing stopping you from snipping the image and insert it the way you like! Not very fancy though!

The issue is really with the scroll bar. There is no way to see the whole report in one page so that I can take a good screenshot. No matter what I do I am missing parts of my report.

What licenses do you have? if you have the Pro or Premium license, then you can share the actual report/dashboard.


This tutorial may be helpful


Or you can export to PDF, see



The problem with exporting to PDF or PowerPoint is that it doesn't export the entire report, only what can be seen on the screen without scrolling. So if your report has a scroll bar, you will be missing entire sections of your report. 


I will take a look at sharing the actual dashboard but I was hoping for something more elegant than displaying it in a web browser.

@Jason Drew This is Microsoft hard at work, making sure you don't get a product that will actually work.  The tool's name would suggest that is powerful! It is the exact opposite!  You can't export "dashboard" to anything that is shareable. The "export" is only a screenshot.  You can export as a CSV BUT, and you probably know this, CSV's don't retain your formats!  


If you can't tell, I feel this is the DUMBEST tool Microsoft has ever released!  You can create an amazing report but you are not allowed to share it!