PowerPoint Stuck on Saving (OneDrive File collaboration)

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Hi everyone,


Maybe someone can help me with my issue. I have Microsoft Office 365 Pro Plus edition.

When I am using PowerPoint (old or new file) I am getting stuck at saving state. The issue is that when you close the PowerPoint, it will just load and will not respond. Even if the file is just small. I do not encounter this if I am using MS Word or MS Excel. It only happens in PowerPoint.

But when I turn off OneDrive File collaboration, the issue is fixed.


Any reasons why? They are just using the same add-ins. I do not know why is this happening only in PowerPoint. 




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We had something similar and our problem was solved bij disabling .Net 2 from the features in windows. And if you have the unified labeling client installed, make sure to update it to the latest version
Thank you very much for this. Hoping that it has .Net 2 installed. I am not familiar with unified labeling client but he has Secure islands and azure protection.


You can check for .Net 2.0 in the Windows features as shown in the attached image. It needs to be unchecked. And the unified labeling client can be found under program and features as Microsoft Azure Information Protection. You need to have at least version: The latest version is as shown in the other screenshot.

Thank you for these. I will try to do it on the user tomorrow and will keep you updated. Upon checking, the Azure protection is on version 1.xxx.