Power Pivot on Office 365 Personal

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I'd like to kwon how I can use Power Pivot on my Excel into Office 365 Personal.

thank you!

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Thank you Mr. Ortiz for your reply, but I mean that I puchased Office 365 Personal and inside Excel I didn't find Power Pivot.


What is the best way to have Power Pivot utility inside Office?


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I'm afraid that Power Pivot is not included in your versión of Excel:

This is the procedure for enabling it in supported versions:

Sorry for misunderstanding

Ok. Thank you very much!

you're welcome! please mark my reply as accepted response, if it helped. Thanks.

Hi@Pablo R. Ortiz 

I wanted to check whether Office Standard 2016 support Power Pivot, I browsed though some of the forums and it says now the Power Pivot comes from with this excel. however my Excel does not have that. I tried the com-add in and the regedit but did not succeed. 

please help out.