People webpart issue

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Hello Guys, 

I can't see the box with profile basic information when I pass the mouse over people Icon on people Webpart.  Is there any issue with that webpart? Is there any configuration to try and do this function to work again? 

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Do you have more info on how your tenant is configured if it was working etc?

The webpart was working ok  last mounth. 

and nothing changed in the pages?

Even in the new created teams or communications sites  it doesn't work.  

When we pass the mouse over the people icon and name, in a people webpart added, nothing happens. 

We also tested with different browsers like IE, Chrome, Firefox and the behavior is the same.  We also tested outside the corporate network to isolate and discard causes like Firewall locks and windows Policies. 

It's really strange.


Hi Alan,

 Thanks for reporting this problem to us.

One cause of not showing the poping up people profile is this person doesn't have email which may caused by this person doesn't have product license.

Could you please help to check if all the people in people web part are with correct license? And could you please add some people with correct license to people web part to confirm if people web part can be showing poping up people profile correct?


You can go to Admin Center -> Users->Active Users to check if user has license or not.




Thank you very much!


@Alan Santos I'm curious -- did you figure out how to resolve this?  I am having the same issue.