Password sync interval in AD connect

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What is the password sync interval in AD connect?


What is being synched every 30 minutes?


Any supporting documents from microsoft?



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Hi @Marvin Oco 


Sure is, here is the official documentation on the Scheduler


Default sync is 30 minutes, this will explain what its doing and what its syncing.


Hope that answers your question!


Best, Chris

Password sync is on a different schedule, 2 minutes. For all intents and purposes, you can assume it's (almost) immediate. Unless you have some sync issue :)

Another thing to remember if your not seeing that type of password speed. Check if your AD site design is crossing site links. If your internal AD is and someone changes a password in another site it will take 15 minutes to do default AD replication and that could cause password changes to take up to 17 minutes.

That said if this is the case let me know and I’ll find the document on how you can change you internal AD sync to a much faster replication. Obviously site link speed etc should be taken into account but these days that’s usually not an issue anymore.