Outlook online not syncing

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Hi all.

My installation of Outlook.com (online) is not syncing folders of my 'connected' accounts properly.

If I send an email from Outlook online, it is received OK on another device, but it doesn't appear in the 'sent' folder online.

Likewise, if I send an email to my address, it does not appear on Outlook.com, but it does on my mobile app or desktop prog.

Basically, if I 'connect an email account' to Outlook on, say, March 1st, it will display all my folders correctly at that date, but will not update folders to reflect changes made subsquently. Then, if I delete that account and reinstall it on, say March 20th, and it will update all folders with changes from March 1st!

This is driving me nuts. I have added and deleted email accounts multiple times, tried manually configuring IMAP etc, and nothing works.

Outlook on Android works OK, Outook 365 on PC works OK, Outlook.com = Aaaaaarrrgghh!!!

BTW Outlook calendar does not reflect updates on my added google calendars either.

Any help gratefully received.

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