Outlook on PC putting safe senders email in spam folder

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I've got Office 365 and have Outlook app loaded onto my PC. I am having issues with some email addresses that are in both my safe senders list and safe recipients list still going into my spam folder.

When I ask them to send a blank email address with no email addresses or hyperlinks, an email will come through from them, but in the subject box it says ** SPAM **

I have other emails coming in from other email addresses that have hyperlinks and email addresses written in the main body of the email and they work fine. My own hotmail email address ends up in the SPAM folder too and when I say "not junk" it too has ** SPAM ** in the subject box.

I've not had issues with these email addresses before.



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@Opieone Same issue here from 12th of January with multiple customers using Office 365. Suddenly on the 12th of January, mails that previously worked fine, are flagged as Spam. Have been in contact with technical support for more than a week, but no solution thus far, also denied that anything has been changed, frustrating!