Outlook.office.com calendar default meeting length to 15 min

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I would like the meeting length for Outlook.office.com to be 15 min. I was able to view the calendar in 15 min increments but when I create a new appt it still defaults to 30 min. 


The Software version works fine, this is just an issue in outlook.office.com. 


Any help would be appreciated. 

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Good timing! :)
We just released that feature yesterday to Outlook on the web (outlook.office.com). Under Settings -> Calendar -> Events & invitations, you should see the option. If you have set it in the Windows client, it should be automatically set for you in the web.

@Julia Foran 
Hi Julia - Where is this feature? Apologies but I do not see it - here is a screenshot for reference:
I am going to go check the Windows client, but I would prefer to be able to set it from the web.

Check the setting "Shorten duration for all events", and then you'll see the options to configure.

@Julia Foran , is here even a possibily to set the default meeting duration global to all user? 




Thanks @Julia Foran .. That helped me!

@Julia Foran I did not see any options to default my events to 15 minutes when I clicked that option. See this screenshot:




@Julia Foran  

  1. outlook - default meeting invite duration to 15min? in setting i can set it for 30 mnts minimum time i can change.





I use the desktop version and I don't see an option for 15 min default there either. Is there one? 


Also the click and drag version doesn't seem to let you even adjust them to 15 min intervals (e.g. 45 min meetings) with your mouse. You seem to have to open them up and type in the time. Is that correct or is there a click and drag way to get them to be 15 interval length.