Outlook Mac 2019 Search not working

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I have a user with latest Outlook (16.41.20091302) and MacOS 10.14.6 who when they search the search returns no items.

I went through most of the troubleshooting here pertaining to Apple's Spotlight indexing which took hours to Index.  No joy.

I'd rather not reinstall or delete the user profile, yet if I do I'd like some insight into exactly what each does to the user's experience.

For example if I do have to reinstall Office, how will that affect Outlook.  Will the user have to recreate anything like folder structure or rules or signatures?

Same for deleting the user profile or recreating it and setting it as default.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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The same problem, mac 2018, os version 10.15.6. No search result again after reinstall outlook.