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I note that just recently outlooks junk folder does not allow me to click on links such as unsubscribe, instead telling me that it is a security risk.


I know its a security risk and I'm an adult - I would like to be able to click on unsubscribe links from the junk folder at my discretion instead of being treated like an illiterate child.


Am I able to switch this off so that I can use the software I pay for in the manner that I wish to?  If not, how do I feed back to the ui typpes at microsoft that i'm not an illiterate child and am perfectly OK with entering the junk folder and clicking on links as I see fit?


To be honest its more of a security risk being forced to have a listing on 'yammer' etc of which I am unable to remove, even if I don't know anyone that uses it.

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@nousername1825 Select the message, select Junk > Not junk.

This will move the message to inbox and remove the "junk mail" tag from the message.

This will enable you to click on links in the message.

Feedback can be provided here: https://office365.uservoice.com/


@RNalivaika thankyou, I'm well aware of how to mark an item as not junk to be able to click on its links.  My comment was "why does microsoft treat us like we are 12 year olds, or have the IQ of microsoft employees?"


I am an adult and a proficient user of email, with an understanding of why it is not a good idea to click on links in junk mail.  I neither want nor need microsoft deciding of what I can click on.


Ive left feedback for the devs, no doubt they will read it and disregard it as microsoft does with all other advice.