Outlook 365, Win10 MAIL and Exchange Activesync

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I can set up all my email accounts in the native Windows 10 "MAIL" application. I currently use MAIL.


However, I would like to replace MAIL with Outlook 365, as it has more features. I also subscribe to the Office 365 package.


However, in Outlook 365, I have no success setting up an Exchange Activesync account, which works perfectly with MAIL (it's a corporative email account, hosted in a corporative Exchange server).


On my Samsung Android Smartphone something similar occurs, as I can only set up this Exchange Activesync account in Samsung's native email app. Apparently, the problem is related to some link between the device (PC, notebook, smartphone ...) and the native email application of these devices.


So, I ask: is there a way to configure an Exchange Activesync account in Outlook 365 with Windows 10? Or do I have to get used to Windows native MAIL software?


Some more details in this post .

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Try configuring the email account through the classic windows control panel. Mail (Microsoft Outlook) -> Email Accounts -> New... ->Manual setup or additional server types -> Exchange ActiveSync.


Make sure Outlook is closed while configuring the account.




@flosada, I already tried it. Didn't work.