Outlook 365 Changed Meeting Location to Use Rooms Only

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Hi All,


My Team recently experienced an update to Outlook that made a few changes. Besides the design change for emails, we noticed that creating a new meeting doesn't provide an open field for the location and instead has a button for location. When we click that it only provides us the rooms at our office, but that doesn't really work for users that want to set an office location at outside locations (Restaurant for lunch meeting, Coffee shop, or bar for a happy hour). 


I realize we could put the location in the title, but I would prefer changing the location to be an open field again. Does anybody have suggestions on how to do that?


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I prefer not having it, if it's the case, haven't seen this update happen, so that's odd that you dont' have it. I wish they would have just made buttons 1: Rooms and another button for Custom location. This would help alleviate people from using the drop down to pick a meeting room, then it not being reserved through the proper channels. Maybe even have a Warning label under it saying, "This will not reserve a room, click here if you need to reserve room in your org, or make sure the custom location is reserve externally"
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Also, FYI I see what you mean. But if you hover your mouse where the drop down would be, it shows up, it's not actually gone :p

Wow. I feel so dumb now haha. Thanks Chris!

Many thanks @Chris Webb   Design needs to be changed to make it obvious that it is still there.

Hi @Chris Webb  @PetwellArmon  I have just come across this thread after googling this problem for a few hours - it's driving me crazy! I can see you have all worked it out but I still can't work it after reading your solution. Can you advise what exactly to hover over and where it is?

Thank you!!

It’s where it used to be. Hover to the right of the location button.

@Chris Webb 


Are you saying the Office Location field is still there under Work?  I can't find it to add a contact under people.   We use this field for property information for our HOA.