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Outlook 365 and multiple email account in one PST.

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Hello All,


I have and old machine running Outlook 2010.  I have three email accounts using the same PST file so I only have one inbox.  Set up a new computer and was talked into Office 365.  I see no way to use the same setup as before.  In other versions of Outlook you can use manual setup and choose the PST file to use so you can have multiple accounts in the same PST file.  With Outlook 365 that option is not there that I can see and every email account sets up it's own PST file.  Just an FYI I'm using POP.  Is there a work around so I can use the same setup I have in the past versions?  Thank you in advance.

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Hello @joelarrabee , as you are using POP account, you can run any other POP email client  instead of Outlook.

@Victor Ivanidze Using another email client is not an option.  I can't lose all of my data from years of using Outlook.  


Did you find a solution?   I have a new computer and have the same issue.  I have 3 email address that in Outlook 2013 all had the same .pst file.  I don't want to create rules for something that should be functionality that carries forward into new releases

@wkarpI also have this problem.  I have 3 POP email accounts sharing one PST in Office 16 in an Win 8.1 system.  When I have tried to export to a win 10 system, it won't allow me to use a single PST with a shared inbox.  Is it possible to have three POP accounts to share a PST and an INBOX? 


Hi @wkarp,

don't upgrade then - use your old Outlook.