Outlook 365 always freezing - Can't disable Microsoft VBA for Outlook Addin

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I am having frequent issues with my Outlook 365 freezing and not responding.

I have read on many posts to run Outlook in safe mode and to disable all the Add-ins.

I have done this, and still get freezing issues and/or not able to close the program.

There is one Add-in that I can't seem to disable. It is listed as "Microsoft VBA for Outlook Addin".

When I click the Go button to Manage COM Add-ins, this Add-in is not listed, but all the other ones are.

I would like to find out how I can disable this other Add-in, as I still get Outlook freezing and it is the only other Add-in that is enabled.

I would like to turn it off to see if it makes any difference to the freezing issues.

Thanks in advance for any comments or suggestions.

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After a recent update, I found I could disable this plugin.

Unfortunately still having frequent freezing issues with Outlook.

I have exactly the same setup on 2 PCs, but only have this issue on one of them.

I have done many checks as listed online.

Even completely removed Outlook, deleted all the folders and profiles, and re-installed and setup all the accounts again.

Worked for less than a day before freezing again.

How can I go about to debug this issue?

i.e. Is there any log on what Outlook last did before it locks up and no longer responds?