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like this old thread below, we have customers which have access to shared mailboxes and wants receive an alert for e-mails arriving on that other mailboxes visible on their outlook profile.


I was able only going to the 'Inbox' of a shared mailbox on outlook pane and then create a new rule ('only for this computer') which shows a custom pop-up alert as the article below.

The problem comes since it's a local rule, if user goes to another computer we need create the same rule and we have a lot of users it the same needs.


>>> Is there a way to show the traditional alert pop-up on button right corner like does when new e-mail arrive to its email account???


Old thread:





Instructions followed:


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Best way is to add the shared mailbox as additional account, via File -> Add account. This will enable new message notifications, rules support and all other features.

@Vasil Michev , I'm not convinced that's a valid solution. Shared Mailboxes are usually added as Auto-Mapped or Additional Mailboxes and very rarely as PasswordFull accounts. So What is Microsoft solution to notify new messages for additional mailboxes or auto-mapped mailboxes ?

yeah I'm also stuck in this situation, why give us an Auto-Mapped option for shared mailboxes when these Outlook alert functionalities don't work?
Still no options for SharedMailbox notification... I really don't get it, Microsoft. How can you think that no notifications for SharedMailboxes is a clever idea? This should be absolutely mandatory and the default!