Our Office 365 portal is completely broken

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For over a week now, nearly all of our users are unable to access Outlook Web Access from any browser, on any device, using any ISP. It always results in the same error (below). I have tried the following:


New Edge (Non-Private Mode and Private Mode)

Old Edge (Non-Private Mode and Private Mode)

FireFox (Non-Private Mode and Private Mode)

Chrome (Non-Private Mode and Private Mode)

Opera (Non-Private Mode and Private Mode)


I've tried from several different ISP's including Mediacom, Cox, C-Spire Fiber, AT&T Fiber, and others. We've cleared cache, cookies, etc. This does not appear to be an issue on our end as it happens from any device on any network. 


Additionally... I cannot even open a support request in the portal. I am able to get to the form and fill it out, but when I submit it, it simply loops me back to the empty form without creating a service request, so I cannot even reach out to Microsoft Support at this point. No error, just loops back to an empty service request window with everything I typed in cleared out. 


OWA Error below:

Something went wrong
Repeating redirects detected.

Click here to sign out.
X-ClientId: A29B28D657B04DE6A263EB039D5F9262
X-Redir-Error ArLym14B6frRLFfy1wg|AsTJRt4BSiLJLFfy1wg|ArLym14BkrZILFfy1wg|AsTJRt4BECxALFfy1wg|ArLym14BS7QULFfy1wg|AsTJRt4Bp7QLLFfy1wg|ArLym14BCv45K1fy1wg|AsTJRt4BnJoxK1fy1wg|ArLym14BRH7_J1fy1wg|AsTJRt4BnH72J1fy1wg|ArLym14BleGdJ1fy1wg|AsTJRt4BFFeVJ1fy1wg|ArLym14B0k4dJ1fy1wg|AsTJRt4BWusUJ1fy1wg|ArLym14BOgPeJlfy1wg|AsTJRt4BxnjVJlfy1wg|ArLym14BRMJtJlfy1wg|AsTJRt4Bhry2JVfy1wg|ArLym14Bqzx9JVfy1wg|AsTJRt4BOwB1JVfy1wg|ArLym14BtpVDJVfy1wg|Ajso88wBINquJFfy1wg
X-FEServer BN6PR19CA0061
Date:5/7/2020 7:20:52 AM

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@Vasil Michev 


If you read my post, that is what I have been doing. There is no phone number provided, only a form to fill out and says I'll receive a call back within 5 hours... but I can't submit the form and there is no phone number listed for me to call. See screenshot. 

@DellConsultingLLC have you been able to resolve this issue yet?  If not I can do a screen share with you or something and assist getting ticket open with Microsoft, etc.

Submitting via the portal is not the same as calling support directly, and I gave you an article listing the phone numbers. Whether you want to be bothered with it is another story.

@Vasil Michev 


There's no need for you to be condescending. The link you provided was to instructions on how to submit a support request in the portal (click on the link to see for yourself). You did not state there is a small tab that says "phone support" which isn't obvious. Either way, thanks for your help. I'll reach out to them.  



X-Redir sometimes happen if your browser is taking long to authenticate. Any chance that the user affected has redundant Azure AD admin roles? Try to reduce and see if it fix the issue.


For reference: https://www.thedailyexploits.co/owa-something-went-wrong-xredir-error/