OneDrive for Business to Netapp share.

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I have been moving users Home DIR to Onedrive over the past few weeks.  I ran into an issue where I cannot copy from 1 Drive to a Network share being hosted on a Netapp Appliance.  I always get an error that the file is too large for the destination file system.  If I copy the file local to my workstation then it works just fine seems to be only from One drive.  Anyone seen this issue?

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@Christian Taveras 

I've seen the same thing here - there's something about the additional OneDrive file attribute(s) that NetApp clustered ONTAP doesn't like. For us it would likely require a software/OS update to the NetApp controllers and we are decommissioning them shortly, so that's not something we are looking to do.

I found that if I disable file On Demand it works fine. I also tested opening onedrive in IE and then viewing in file explorer. I was able to copy the files without issue.

Une autre solution coté NetApp a part désactiver les fichiers à la demande qui reste une fonctionnalité intéressante ?

IT was determined to be an issue with how the version of Data_ONtap handles web links.
The fix was to update the NEtapp Appliance OS. I am in the process of identifying a cloud solution in Azure either Netapp CLoud Volumes,, NEtapp Files, or Azure Files. Since were moving the shares I have no plan at this pooint to update the Appliances.