OneDrive for Business Makes It Easy to Request Files



The OneDrive for Business Request Files feature is a quick and simple way for users to ask others to upload files to a target folder using a special sharing link. Request files is now available within Office 365. The process is straightforward and might even help to stop people sending some attachments around in email. No admin controls are available for Request files, which is a nagging concern that deserves some consideration.

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@Tony Redmond 

My pet peeve is that features like this get rolled out to my users without it functioning correctly. I've had the "Request Files" for about 3 weeks (maybe more) now, and yet though I get the message "Your File Request Was Sent" it in fact isn't.

It sure would be nice that the backend config would be completed BEFORE a link shows up for use. Now I have users that are confused as to why it doesn't work and will likely not trust it going forward. Thanks again Microsoft for a failed deployment of what could have been a nice feature for my users.

@Cary Siemers As I noted in the article, the email notifications didn't work for me either. Given that OneDrive can send other messages, it's a glitch, and it might be confined to a single farm or small set of tenants. It's not enough for me to condemn the feature. There are other more pressing issues on the admin side to consider.

@Cary Siemers   Happens so often!  They were really pushing Secure Score at Ignite...  I've been using it for 6 months, had a ticket logged for nearly 2 of those...  it just doesn't work (numbers are all wrong) but would be awesome if it did!