OneDrive For Business File/Folder Sharing & Downloading Options

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I need help regarding OneDrive for Business (may be possible through SP Online but I couldn't figure it out). 

I have few folders in my OneDrive. I want Myself & TEAM LEADERS to READ, WRITE, DOWNLOAD all the files and folders (which is currently working fine). But I want some TEAM MEMBERS to READ & WRITE ONLY but NOT DOWNLOAD files from ONE particular folder (and they should be able to Read/Write/Download files in other folders). I don’t know if it’s even possible to do so in a folder level, if yes, then how can I do that?


I tried Allow Editing option below but it blocks them from editing files (which is NOT what I want).


And if it is NOT POSSIBLE then why OneDrive for Business makes it so complicated (it should be an easy thing in such a HUGE platform right)???


Thank you in advance.



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Block donwloads only works for files afaik.