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I am hoping someone can advise from experience or knowledge! So the company I work for has a hybrid set-up so not all things can be done via Micrsoft 365 admin centre, instead has to be done on premise. What we have been doing for a leaver is, disabling account on AD, convert mailbox to shared and remove licenses. However, this then means that any OneDrive content is deleted after 30days (I believe). So I read some posts about 'System Clean Up' and the manager being emailed with a link to the OneDrive content but only once the user is deleted from AD. So I tested this on an account that I had already converted to a shared mailbox, disabled and removed licenses - then I deleted from AD, however on doing so it has now deleted the shared mailbox and I have not received an email to notify of OneDrive content. I have checked admin settings and everything is switched on, this user also had a manager assigned and I also added myself as a secondary manager. Any assistance on the best way to action a leaver would be very much appreciated. In the company we require the following: Mailbox to be accessed (shared), OneDrive content to be kept for review.


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If you want to keep data while at the same time get rid of the account, use Inactive mailboxes:

For ODFB content, there is no concept of "inactive" account, so you will have to export/store it some place else.

@VikkiMidd The best option for me and this what I do, export all One Drive data from the user and I put this data on a local server or in another One Drive or Sharepoint. Later I convert the user mailbox to a shared mailbox, so the data is safe, the email are shared on 365 and recover the license.

You can follow this article to export the One Drive from the Office 365 admin panel:


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@Alejandro MazzitelliThank you for your response, I shall have a read but it does sound like the best way around this :)

@Vasil MichevMany Thanks for you links. I think I have figured a process that will work covering all aspects. So this morning I received an email from the test user I deleted regarding their OneDrive content, as the manager I was sent the link to review so the Clean-up process on OneDrive does work as long as you have a manager assigned on AD or a secondary admin which I have put myself as contingency in case no manager is assigned. So that covers the OneDrive data.


Also with regards to the mailbox, the link you sent would cover that. As long as litigation hold is switched on and the correct license assigned (which in our case is) then it will hold the mailbox. 


All that then needs to be done is the user deleted from AD and Microsoft does the rest with the clean-up process, going to be testing this process over the next few days.