One Drive File Owner leaving company- need to keep their files

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I work at a school where the current admin is leaving, and I am taking over. She has made me an owner of all of her files in addition to herself. When she leaves, her profile and every file associated with her account will be deleted based on what we know about One Drive and removing her profile. Will I still have the files in which she made me an owner with me in my one drive? Do I need to download and reupload every file? It is 2 years of work that I don't want to lose. Please help. 

Thank you!

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You have 30 days grace period after the user is deleted, as default. Read here for details:
You can always copy the documents to another location, or keep the user license to prevent the deletion.
There is a setting in OneDrive Admin to retain onedrive files for set number of days. We have this set to 7 years, but if it's data you need long term you would want to move it eventually, but you can set this retention up and you will retain access to the OneDrive site / files and they will be protected for that number of days.

Thank you @Vasil Michev. This is very helpful! 

Thank you Chris! I appreciate it!