Office365 asks to sign in after changing her AD account

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Hi, Everyone.


Hope you can help me with a problem that I am trying to resolve with one of the employees of the company that I am working for. She recently got married and asked to have her name changed. We have updated her account but since then Office365 for some reason keeps asking her to sign in whenever she log into her computer (either logoff and login or from a restart. Lock screen is not affected).


I have checked her subscription in Office365 portal it was able to inherit the configuration in AD (showing the updated email account). It also shows the the license is bind to her updated account. If I check the Office application after she sign's in, it shows her account and there are no errors displaying.


Is there anything else I need to check? How can I address the issue?

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I suppose it’s worth to try fully removing the cached credentials. See step 2 & 3 at



Thank you for your reply, I will give it a shot and see if it works.