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For example, I have linked Mr. X's email id to my email id. So that I will know whenever Mr.X receives a new email. Now there is a problem. Whenever my colleagues compose a new email to me, Mr. X's name is showing instead of mine. This is happening in outlook only. In web browser, it is showing my name only. Any help plz to solve this...

Thanks in advance.

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@jabbarsh  Why you should link, why not giving permission to the mailbox or maybe putting a forward rule to get Mr. X emails in your inbox, maybe the case will be different but this is how it works...

@PDostiyarThanks for the replay friend. I have attached the screenshot for the reference. The reason I don't use the email forward function is that this few email id who had left my company is registered to some companies. Changing the registered ID is a big process and hence I need to maintain the email id and replay from the same id. I connect it through the exchange admin center by adding SMTP email id. But now when someone types my email id in outlook it shows others name.

Hi @jabbarsh,

as far as I understood you have added several SMTP aliases to your Ofiice 365 email account.

Could you send another screenshot that shows what's wrong in Outlook?


@Victor IvanidzeI have attached the screenshot. As u see here instead of his name Mr.X1 name is showing. And for some people, Mr.X2 name is showing instead of Mr. Kartik

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It looks like your coworker has to update their contacts.


@Victor IvanidzeYou mean Mr. Karthik or Mr. X?

@jabbarsh  Both has to update their contact as they are using the offline contact in the outlook you can manually update it or the users has to always select the online global Address to see the updated emails.

@jabbarsh   oh ok then it does make sense i was thinking it as a different use case, but the case is different for your requirement and as @Victor Ivanidze  mentioned update the contact will help or using the online Global Address book.

Thanks for the support. I shall try this. :)

@PDostiyar  Can you please tell me how to update the contacts in the Global Address book.


Hey, my friend below is the steps on how to update your address book in outlook.


Updating the Global Address Book in Outlook
  1. Click File, afterward click Account Settings, then Download Address Book.
  2. Check the Download changes since the last Send/Receive box is checked off, in the Offline Address Book dialog box.
  3. Click OK.
  4. The Outlook Global Address Book is now up to date.