Office 365 Pro Plus channels and you deploy new builds? What is your strategy?

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We came up with a strategy for updating Office 365 Pro Plus across the company.  It basically aligns with the different channels: Monthly (small group), Semi Annual Targeted (IT Dept. and select users across departments), and Semi Annual (Everybody else).  We're currently using SCCM 1802 to deploy the updates.


We didn't factor in the new "builds" that are released for each channel from month to month.  They include some important bug fixes.  Anyone out there that deploys each new build for each channel?


Also looking for any other input or strategies for how you update your Office 365 Pro Plus clients?



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Personally I'd roll out the security updates for the Semi-Annual Channel if at all possible, which will be the biggest chunk of installs. Six months is a long time to go without any updates. Lots of good guidance here

Yes we do push out the security updates on a monthly basis.  I'll check out the link you posted.