office 365 Outlook mailbox overflow

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I have a 365 Business premium account with a 99GB mail box.


When migrating pst / ost files to this box, a replication is happening causing the box to swell beyond 99GB.  


I have seen, duplicates, triplicates and just saw a quadruple of some messages.


I have used the clean up tool and it deletes the mail and then within an hour it starts filling up again. 


I have emptied the the delted file and also clicked on the recover items link and purged ALL.


I have also removed this 365 account from telephone and laptop to see if this would help.  


I recently moved from a 10GB comcast account. As I was nearing 50GB I decided to purchase another 50GB to keep from shutting down my e-mail account. I soon surpassed the 100GB mark and the fight goes on.


It is like I am baling out the boat with a teaspoon and  someone is filling it back up after I get it emptied. 


Week 3.....


I've fallen and I can't get up.



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