Office 365 Outlook and Teams Stuck

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Hi, we are currently experiencing a tenant authentication issue (i guess) our users with Outlook and MS Teams cannot login/use the application. 


Outlook = "Need Password", Teams just didn't work and requesting for sign in.

My take is i enabled TLS 1.2 under internet options. and it WORKS after restarting the application but if i am correct (or am i?) all modern AUTH are exempted.  - I didn't read everything.


Some of information that might help.

-Reset Password Policy.

-Standard License (bundle with Office365)

-TLS 1.2 automatically unchecked after sometime (Windows 10)

-GPO to checked TLS 1.2 not working.

-Not happening to Cloud created User / Only happening to Local AD created Users


Am i missing something?


Thanks for the help and support.



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