Office 365 not installing correctly and installing as Microsoft profession pro 2016.


Office 365 has no problem installing on my wife's computer. I had removed all past Microsoft office products and installed Office 365 about a year ago. I just noticed it never installed the correct office when I went to use a new function added.  My wife's computer shows the office 365 installed. 


How do I go about installing 365 correctly? I have spent most of the day trying different recommendations in forums etc.  


Annotation 2020-02-15 202011(4).png

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Hi, hopefully you have this sorted already but assuming you have bought a Office 365 subscription (@jcrosbie worth checking this O365 subscription is active or has been renewed if I have understood correctly), all I’d do is uninstall Office, with option 2, from the link below, making sure you have the licence/setup details first if it needs to be installed again:


Then download Office 365 per these steps, this is done by signing into your account with the Office 365 subscription, which I am assuming you have: 


You’ll know if this has worked afterwards, as it will say in the Account screen in Word for example, you have a Subscription product, as shown here, showing it as a Office 365 version: 


The version you have in your screenshot isn’t the version of Office that comes with Office 365, so it will miss out on new features such as those mentioned here: