Office 365 'More information required' on login

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I have set up an office 365 organization with 3 users.


Upon logging in we get the following message "More info required, your organization needs more information to keep your account secure" See attached


If I click next we are then required to set up the authentication app. I want to be able to disable this for now, so there is no double authentication and we can just sign in.


Main reason is there are not work phones or we ant to use personal email so no way of double authenticating. This will be reviewed but here and now dont want the barrier


I have other Office365 account that I have set up and havent have to do this - so it seems something has changed with the default settings.

Which I cant trackdown

I thought it might be that Multi Factor Authentication was turn on but this is disabled for all users (see attached)

Any ideas how I can diasble this?

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Appreciate this is too late now I imagine! But I had this issue too when setting up a Trial tenancy. For me the issue wasnt Conditional Access or Security defaults. It was because I had enabled SSPR (Self Service Password Reset). 

Navigate to AAD > Password Reset

Change it to Either None or Selected and then you wont see the prompts anymore. 

Hope it helps!