Office 365 Monitoring.


Hey Team, 


We are in the market for an Office 365 Monitoring solution. Our tenant is pretty large at about 25K mailboxes, all E3 licenses. 


I have found a few different ones to pick from that look pretty good to me, but i am curious what enterprise office 365 specific monitoring solutions you all are using? 


We are looking for at least: 


1) Up/Down monitoring 

2) Service Health Functionality Monitoring

3) Covers all the primary workloads and security and compliance where applicable. 

4) Other items we might not be thinking about but that would be good. 

5) Ideally with no on prem agents, but i realize some features may require that. 

6) Not looking for any type of management solution, even if it also provides monitoring. We would like a dedicated monitoring solution. 


Cost is always a concern, but for now lets just set that aside. Please note we are aware of the built in options, 3rd party code, splunk etc. But we would like a full featured enterprise monitoring solution. 


Hey @Tony Redmond or @Vasil Michev - MIght you guys have some insight on this? Sorry to bug, but if either one of you could point me in the right direction.....TIA






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Try Enow and tell Jay Gundotra I sent you...
Thanks Tony. Do you know if enow is or would be considered an enterprise solution? Due to us having a large number of mailboxes not all solutions are a good fit.

Also do you know how enow compares to ? or Exoprise?


The big thing about eNow is that they do both on-premises and cloud. The last time I looked, Office365mon was cloud only. That might have changed. I do know that ENow has had customers like Wells Fargo, VMWare and Facebook so they can definitely handle large enterprises.

Thanks @Tony Redmond 


@Robert Bollinger - We have been monitoring Office 365 since its inception. Happy to chat off line about our capabilities. We are best known for having a single pane of glass to see your on prem, hybrid and cloud components.  We have numerous enterprise clients around the globe. Our software uses synthetic transactions to test the service. If you would like to discuss your technical requirements, please email at email address removed for privacy reasons or give me a ring on my cell at (951) 520-7000. You can also learn more about what we do on our website but we are in the process of updating it so the information is not the most current.


Yep. You are right on that. I just checked, we only need cloud monitoring, all mailboxes in the cloud for us. But they are certainly worth calling and checking out, especially if they do other large enterprises. Thanks.
Hey Jay,

Thanks for the quick response. I am just now starting my research, so this may take sometime.




Are you available to do a demo this friday ? anytime from 10:00 - 7:00 EST? I would like to see what your product offers. 





@Robert Bollinger I just DM'd on you LI. 

I was in your shoes a few years ago when I was trying to find a Fortune 100 grade monitoring platform for my hybrid cloud/on-prem Office 365 environment. We ended up selecting ENOW for the simplicity of the setup, great customer support, and extendibility of the platform (things like creating our own reports and running custom PowerShell scripts to gather data).

No matter what you choose, a third party monitoring tool will help you hold Microsoft accountable when they experience outages. It's essential to have the data from your tenant/environment to get Microsoft to pay up on their monetary backed SLAs.
Hi Robert,

You should try for your Microsoft 365 monitoring needs. There is a reason why their "How to monitor ALL of MS365" video is ranked #1 on Google video.

In addition to proactive synthetics for MS365/Teams, there is also complete RUM coverage you will obtain for your remote workers. Hop-by-hop analysis for Teams UDP telemetry is available only with Exoprise vendor. Get their Digital Experience Monitoring solution.

Take their 15-day trial at

Good luck.


That sounds very much like a vendor marketing response. Does @Sid1982 have some allegiance to ExoPrise (which have been around for a while, but I haven't heard much about them recently).

@Robert Bollinger


May consider DataDog if Azure Monitor not best fit to you