Office 365 inbox locked up

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I have a customer that never deleted his emails and now the inbox is so full I can't compress it and it doesn't allow me to delete anything to free up space. He cannot receive new emails, any ideas on what can be done?

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@he problem is that the inbox for that email address does not allow me to make changes without telling me that it's full and can't complete the action. It is not Outlook because there is another email account that works fine.  If i try and delete emails errors out, compress errors out, If there was away to go in and make some room that should solve the problem.

@Pico-River560 Hello, did you even read the info in the attached links? Both options should work. But if not, please describe the details of what you have done so far and how you are trying to access this mailbox.

In addition to my previous reply this is another way of doing it (a bit more complicated though). Don’t mind the date, the article was updated recently.

This is a home Office 365.