Office 365 Group Transparency in Outlook


Looking forward to the integration of Office 365 groups into Yammer, but I have a question, or perhaps a lingering confusion.


I am the administrator for a number of Yammer networks, and I understand that teams will be deciding for themselves whether they should be creating their group in Outlook or Yammer, depending on their specific needs and culture.


During the past couple of years, as I encourge teams to work in public Yammer groups, I often talk about the benefits of transparency. When they work in these public groups, we will become a stronger, leaner and smarter organization because we will all be better connected to the work that different teams do as their conversations and resources will now be appearing on our Yammer newsfeed.


If these teams now decide to host their groups in Outlook, is there a way to make their conversations and information available to our larger organization, or will that benefit be lost?

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You can create Public groups for this purpose. Other members in the org can able to search for public groups and see conversations.
Santhosh, are you saying that other users would need to look for those groups, or could they scroll through a list of public groups?
they could scroll through the list of public groups, I demoed this at Ignite last week in my session: please remember that Office 365 Groups are public by default and hence anyone can access conversations, documents etc.