Office 365 F1 and Content Search

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Question about Office 365 F1 and Content Search functionality. We would like to use this feature (in Security and Compliance Center) to identify specific data, and export the report into CSV. All of the users have F1 (some have E3). 


According to the following link, Content Search is included in F1 but eDiscovery Export : It's not clearly to me, if Content Search includes the exporting capability in this case (it is in the same tool).


Question: If all of the users have (at least) O365 F1 license, can we use the Content Search functionality and export the report?


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You can export any mailbox data, regardless of the license assigned to it.

@Vasil Michev : I'm not really interested in exporting email. I want to export the report of the content search itself as a CSV file (in this case the search will be targeted on SharePoint Online). This is a functionality provided by the content search functionality (after the search is completed, select More > Export report).  

Same statement applies. The only restrictions are in running/accessing this functionality, but when you run it against F1 users, you should have no issues.

Ok, thanks! @Vasil Michev