o365 Group mailboxes sharing personal emails


We currently have a o365 project team setup and would like to utilise the group to store emails to our personal addresses to a project folder or group so all users of that group can see and search the email trail. 

So I've been drag dropping personal emails from my inbox to the group folders and all can see. 


But I don't think it was designed for this and I'm encountering many problems. Searching these group stored emails seems much more hit and miss and we seem to be losing and finding it very difficult to trace and fins emails stored this way. It also turns the email into a message style chat limiting our options and currently in my case crashing every time I reply using this. 


I presume we should be doing this in reverse and having communications email through our group email address then forwarded to our personal emails but this just isn't the way we communicate with out clients and collaborators.  I feel I'm overlooking some methodology here and there is a simple solution or correct way or working.

Can anyone help?

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Are the emails you are exchanging internal only or do they include external parties?

They include external parties



OK, how about creating a Channel in the Team called Emails.  Right click the channel and choose Get Email Address.  You can copy the email address for the channel and issue it to anyone who needs to use it.  They could then be encouraged to use this email address to communicate in relation to the project, or at the very least add the channel email address into the CC field of every email relating to the project.


Would something like that work?  Or what may be even easier would be to encourage the use of the Teams channel for communications for this project instead of email.  If anyone wanted the content from the Teams chat in their email, they could use the Share to Outlook option.

I definitely like the idea of migrating to teams chat and for certain projects that might work but insisting that all collaborators use teams for communications is just not viable. A lot of emails will be to new contacts. We're a small architecture firm so many parties are involved. Including the group email in correspondence is also a good idea but again, we can't make it a policy for external collaborators to cc in the project email really. So any correspondence that doesn't have that address in it will need to be moved over and we have the same issue.



Yeah I hear you.  Interesting challenge.  I will give it some further thought and hopefully some fellow fine community members may have some other ideas in the meantime for you! :smile:



Another option could be to use a flow in Power Automate to move the emails, but this would be impractical with lots of individual email addresses.  If the emails were all going to the group mailbox iin the first instance it would be a lot easier.